Dreaming of a holiday

Since we have all been on lock down, We haven’t been able to go on our holiday to universal studios. I was really looking forward to it.

I wish that we could go and I’m sad we couldn’t and sad everyone has missed out on travelling. I hope that we’ll all be able to go when quarantine is over.

How long will this last?

My sister’s have been driving me crazy. They’re always shouting at each other. Other than that I’m enjoying my time at home.

I still get to call my friends and play outside (although the weather hasn’t been the best lately)

I like being taught at home. Today I did some comprehension then maths and then French.

I hope I am still able to go to France with school next year and am trying hard to learn French for the trip.

Fingers crossed by next year this will all be a memory and we will all be travelling again.

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