Sisters Say


I’m Eva,

Maya’s nearly 8-year-old sister. I’m 2 years younger than Maya. I love Maya she’s funny, kind and loving. She is always there to cheer me up. Although she sometimes annoys me or makes me mad, I’ll still love her. It’s what sisters do.

Maya and I love playing Roblox together, we both love playing with each other and our friends. It’s nearly my birthday too I’m going to be 8 this week on Saturday, I’m going to have a Harry Potter themed Party. Maya and I love Harry Potter, my favourite Movie is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Maya’s favourite Movie is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Once we were at a pond and I nearly fell in but Maya saved me by pushing me back and then she fell in we all started laughing. She smelled like fish for the whole day!