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The Magic Lamp

Outside the sky was pitch black and the wind was howling as loud as a wolf. The windows and roof were rattling due to the strong thunder and it felt like the lightning was hitting the wet grass right outside. The clouds were grey and pouring out of them were giant raindrops.  

Inside the humble white cottage, Lizzie was stretched across the black leather sofa as her two sisters, Bella and Amy, fought over who was the best. “I’m the best because my hair has changed colour.” Shouted Bella. “No” disagreed Amy “I’m the best because I have long hair!”. Lizzie looked at them and rolled her eyes. “Why are you two always fighting?!” She shouted. “Because Bella said-” 

“I know Bella said she is better than you, but don’t fight over it.” 

Lizzie than turned on the TV and murmured “I hope my wishes will come true.”. All of a sudden, there was a puff of blue smoke and a rusty old lamp appeared in front of her. “Wow, a lamp?”. She rubbed it but nothing happened. “Maybe its broken.” she said disappointed and she chucked it into the nearest bin.  

A few minuets later her sister Bella came over. “Look what I found!” she shouted waving the lamp in Lizzies face. “That’s mine” Yelled Lizzie. Now that her sister had got the lamp she desperately wanted it.

Lizzie snatched it off Bella and stormed away. “I wish they would stop bothering me.” she whispered to the lamp when she got to her small but warm room. Again, nothing happened. “I wish you were a dog instead. You don’t even work.” 

The next morning, she was awoken by the sound of police sirens and yelling. “What’s going on?” asked Lizzie concerned. “Your two sisters have gone missing.” Said the stern looking police officer. “we’ve been looking all night but no luck yet.”.

Lizzie Felt her heart beating inside of her. She wished her sisters would stop bothering her and now they’ve gone. She ran upstairs into her room where she left the lamp under the bed.

With hope still in her she dived in. She started shoving the old socks, the clothes she wore last week and the cardboard boxes away, but to her dismay instead of a lamp there was a small fluffy, black puppy.

She looked at it and smiled. Then she remembered the wish she had made and her smile disappeared. “Now I’ll never get my sisters back.” She wept. 

Inside the pink dolls house Bell and Amy sat wondering what to do now that they were tiny.