My favourite things

I like a lot of things from horses to snakes and statues to dolls. But I only have a few favourites.

My favourite animal

My favourite animal has changed over the past ten years. It started off as a cow. I have a cow soft toy which has been through everything with me and still lives on my bed.

It made me love black and white cows. I loved cows for over 7 years and there still a close second.

My favourite animal currently is a horse. This started when I went horse riding. There I was a lovely ginger horse named Sammy that I was paired with. He was fast and was always careful.

I love horse riding and it is one of my favourite things to do.

My favourite food

My old favourite food was potato. I have always loved jacket potatoes and eventually it became my favourite food.

My favourite food is now rhubarb crumble and chocolate roulade . They are my favourite deserts and are now my favourite foods with potatoes as a close second.

My favourite book

My favourite book is one hundred percent Harry potter. I have loved the series and all of its characters.

My favourite character is Hermione. She is smart and brave and always loyal. This series has inspired me. I now dream of becoming an author and writing fantasy story’s about magical fairies and treasure islands.